Destination Guinea
Cost Of Delivery Options

1.Express 3-4 days
2.Air Cargo 7-10 days
3.Sea Freight 30-60 days

Prices are as a guide only and can be affected by a number of external figures. We require accurate dimensions and weights for a personal quote


a. Shared

Under 2kg   – £20
2kg-3kg      –  £30
3kg-4kg       – £40
4kg-5kg       – £50
5kg-6kg       – £60
Over 6.1kg  – £70

b. Private

Up to 1.5kg     – £49
Up to 3.0kg     – £57
Up to 7.0kg     – £78
Up to 12.0kg – £138
Up to 18.0kg – £172
Up to 25.0kg – £199

A minimum service charge of £50 plus 10% of the value of the items applies. Included in the service fee: Use of our UK address for your goods deliveries Storing & insuring your items at our warehouse Reduction of excessive packaging, discarding bulky boxes, hangers etc… Repacking your goods for global shipping Consolidating your shopping in one parcel to save you multiple shipping costs Offering the option to share shipping cost with others Not

included in the service fee:

Any customs duties & taxes Handling fee (where applicable) Prohibited items included Perfumes, items containing lithium batteries, pressurised cans eg. hairsprays or deodorants are considered dangerous and therefore prohibited The most affordable way to ship for business, in bulk, large or odd items such as suitcases, lighting, car parts, etc

2. Air CARGO

Up to 20 kilos – £130.00

+ 20 kilos – £70.00 plus £3.00 per kilo

+ 50 kiloUp to 20 kilos – £130.00

+ 20 kilos – £70.00 plus £3.00 per kilo

+ 50 kilos – £70.00 plus £2.75 per kilo

+100 kilos – £70.00 plus £2.50 per kilos – £70.00 plus £2.75 per kilo

Goods must be suitably packed for air travel Latest collections Wednesday for weekend departures

Included in the price:

Air transporting your shipment from Heathrow Airport to xxxx International Airport

*Not included in the price:
Pick-up from a UK location to our warehouse Repacking your goods for air transport Pick-up from xxxxxxx International Airport for drop off at a location in Guinea
*(Available at additional price +100 kilos – £70.00 plus £2.50 per kilo


Some items, like vehicles or heavy machinery, are best transported by sea for their size and cost saving purposes. An indication of the cost to forward a car from our warehouse for arrival at xxxx is £2355.

This is a good indication but may vary depending upon the type of car, its weight, and dimensions, and is based upon your seller bringing the vehicle to us. (Or we can pick up at an additional cost)

An indication of the cost to forward a car from our warehouse for arrival at xxxxxxx is £235 However, this price includes receiving car at our depot and professionally loading and securing it into the container.

Please note that Motor Vehicles are governed by The Dangerous Goods Regulations and must contain less than a quarter of a tank of fuel when delivered to us. The price includes obtaining the Dangerous Goods Certificate which we will arrange on your behalf.

For a personalised quote on shipping your items by sea, please enquire.

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