LONDON2GUINEAWe are a specialist facilitation company located in a Kensington, London, providing a premier service for both individuals and businesses that require shipments from the UK to Guinea, west Africa. Our service enables your purchases made from online UK retail outlets to be delivered to your designated delivery address in Guinea via our London holding address.

In Guinea.

If its a shared consignment import duty will be calculated on arrival in Guinea.


My name is Bella Soumah. I was born in Guinea and am the founder of ‘london2guinea.com’.

For many years I have worked in central London in an advisory capacity in the high end retail fashion sector. I am well aware of the difficulties that can be encountered whilst shopping internationally and my company aims to simplify the shipping process for you.

I’m a fashion lover at heart, with a passion to enhance your shopping experience. I hope to share my shopping platform knowledge and expertise with you.

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. You can follow us on social media, so please recommend my service to your friends back home.

If you require further information about my service please to not hesitate to contact me here


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